Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Saga of the First Day of Kindergarten

The saga of the first day of kindergarten.....wake up early to make sure we have plenty of time. Bath, dress, breakfast, brushing of teeth/hair, etc. Then into the car to go to school. Out of the car to get grapes, cuz Payton's still hungry. Back into the car. Out of the car to get forgotten study material for the test I had that morning. Back into the car. Head toward Kuna. Forget where I'm going (headed to daycare instead of school), cuz I'm driving on autopilot. Turn on the wrong road. Argh. Take a circular detour toward Indian Creek Elementary. Get to school just as the bell is ringing. Walk with Payton to his classroom. About 70 people standing around outside the door to his classroom. Talk about nuts. Parents were videotaping, for Pete's sake! Snapped a couple of quick pictures, cuz my camera battery was almost dead, and I was told by a couple different people that I had to. Then I got the heck out of there! Next year, Payton can ride the bus!