Thursday, December 17, 2009


I bowled a perfect 300 game Tuesday night, in league. I will be awarded a ring, a jacket and $100. My series was 146, 300, 244 for 690. I still almost can't believe it. I'll have to post pictures of my ring when I get it!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dallas Cowboys Stadium - Ray's Birthday

Ray's birthday present this year, for his 40th, was a trip down to Dallas to watch the Cowboys play in their new stadium. I hate the Cowboys, but that new stadium was amazing! We toured the stadium Saturday, and went to the game Sunday. Even though it was the Cowboys, it was a lot of fun. I just cheered for Orlando Scandrick, since he's a former BSU Bronco.

Thanksgiving 2009

The first Thanksgiving at our new house, and my very first turkey, ever! Everything turned out great. The kids seemed to have a great time. I still haven't found my camera from moving, so Carrie took these pictures. Somehow, I didn't get any pictures of Luke.

Early Snow Morning

I got up early, because of the snow, so I could get to work on time. Then I realized, I couldn't leave early, I had to wait for Payton to get on the bus. So we spent about a half-hour playing out in the dark, in the snow. Payton had a ball!