Monday, September 21, 2009

Bad Mom!

Payton brought home his first homework assignment Wednesday afternoon. Except I didn't know about it (Grandma picked him up). I didn't know about it until about 6:20 Monday morning. We had to leave at 6:45. It was a work sheet. He had to write his uppercase and lowercase M's about five times each. He had to write the word "mom" three times. He had to draw a picture of his mom. He had to find three things in newspapers or magazines that start with M, cut them out, and paste them to the page. And he had to write down his phone number.

Any guesses how great our Monday morning went? Payton needs about 30 minutes of waking up time in the morning before he's bearable. If you noticed above, we had about 25 minutes....and he wasn't dressed, teeth weren't brushed, he hadn't had breakfast, etc.

There was yelling and tears. It wasn't good. I have to make sure and check his backpack each night. I don't want him to hate school work. Ugh.