Saturday, December 8, 2007

Putting up the Christmas tree

Payton was big enough this year to help put up the Christmas tree. He was so excited. His patience was pretty short, however. He couldn't wait very well while I put on the lights. Once he got to start putting ornaments on, though, he was a Christmas decorating machine.

I've been working with him on the reason for the season, so to speak. He doesn't quite have it yet. He kind of understands that it is Jesus' birthday celebration. He wants Santa to come right now! We had to make a paper chain, where he can rip off one chain each night, to see Christmas get closer and closer.
Merry Christmas everyone!! (I also put up a couple of "first snow" pix)

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Carrie Hutchings said...

I love the picture of Payton with the Santa hat on decorating the's too cute.