Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tig's First Walk

Payton is warming up to Tig. He wasn't too sure of her to start. The only dogs he has really been exposed to are Cargo, Brenda's dog, who's a spaz (sorry, Bren), and Choppie, my mother-in-law's teacup chihuahua. Choppie weighs about eight pounds, so she doesn't really count as a dog (sorry, Pat).
Payton took Tig on her first walk this morning after church. We walked over to the school and back. It was frigid! But Payton had a blast and Tig seemed to have fun running around with Payton.

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Carrie Hutchings said...

Awww, Tig is so cute. Eva will LOVE meeting her (she loves dogs). Sounds like Payton is really starting to warm up to her (is Tig a her?) and hopefully Coleman will eventually too.