Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Running to the Emergency Room

Payton got sent to his room, for doing something naughty. When he came out, he tells me "I have something in my nose." After some frantic questioning, I learn Payton has stuck a small rubber stopper up his nose. Trying to get him to blow it out didn't work, so we drove him to the ER. Being the caring mom that I am, I took my camera!

The doctor wrapped Payton up in a "Payton burrito," and used a small tool to get the stopper out. Just thought I'd share our little mis-adventure with everyone. KIDS!!!


Shauna said...

Tami, my love for you was confirmed when I read that you brought your camera... you're too funny! And glad Payton's all better. Boys are terrifying, and I am sure I'll be looking to you for advice, since you're a pro by now in the boys department! Sending love to all!

Carrie Hutchings said...

That's too funny! Crazy kid! I'm sure he'll love those pictures when he grows up.

Brenda said...

What!!!! That crazy kid, I hadn't heard about this one yet.